Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment

Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment

Sustainable Business Operations

At STOM, we recognize the importance of safeguarding health and safety for our community, both in the workplace and in life outside of work. We maintain strict health and safety protocol at all of our facilities in order to reduce any significant risk. This commitment is integral by complying to world safety standards, but more importantly, it focuses on protecting the lives of our employees. Their safety is our top priority.

We strive to promote safety through benchmarking our performance against industry standards and other necessary goals. Our knowledgeable HSSE Committee keeps track of the KPIs associated with safety. Furthermore, Safety reviews are facilitated on a regular basis, with management from all levels partaking in site visits and deep dives into essential process components. This ensures that the highest level of safety is continuously provided for our team members.

At our company, safety is paramount and upheld as one of five core values. This imperatives a dedication to protecting the people and contractors that support us, whether in Saudi Arabia or around the world. Our commitment to safe working practices drives our performance, sustaining the success of our employees, their families, and beyond. We strive to promote a safety-first mindset due to its vital role in our operations.

STOM is certified by ISO standard.