05 May 2020

STOM Covid-19 Response

STOM Covid-19 Response

STOM 's Preventive & Proactive measures on how we are keeping our people and communities safe from COVID-19, while continuously provide and meets client satisfaction.

In response on this Pandemic issue, we have prioritized the safety, health, and wellbeing of our employees. We have conducted NCOV awareness for all STOM plants and project site, provided a sanitizer, couple of disinfectant items for them to keep clean and maintain a good hygiene practice and installed Temperature scanner. We have implemented measures to avoid the risk of infection and to mitigate the impact not only to our business but also to our community. Our full commitment and efforts to combat this COVID-19 is our main goal.

Our inbuilt system and schedules for managing this crisis ensure all our sites remain operational. Even the supply chain remains uninterrupted as we continue to work while hitting the target efficiency and meeting the demand