Hajj City, Madinah

The project site is located in Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, outside the second Ring Road with direct access from the "king Abdullah Road", at around 3 km from the Holy Haram.

The largest project in the Kingdom that covers 1,600,00 m2 was financed by State-owned Public Investment Fund and was launched by Madinah Gov. Prince Faisal Bin Salman.

The project is consists of 100 towers and could accommodate more than 120,000 people, 80 of the towers will be used for residential and the remaining 20 are for administrative purposes.

The project will also include hospitals, mosque, mall, metro, bus station and 76 buildings of Four-Star Hotels and 6 buildings of Five-Star hotels that can both provide lodging for 40,000 people.

The cooling demand of all establishments on the project will be provided by two central Utilities Complex (CUC) which is considered to be the largest of its kind. The total capacity of both CUC (Fully Built) is 200,000 TR (100,000 TR each CUC). Each CUC will have TES Tank with a capacity of 40,000 TR.

Saudi Tabreed Operation and Maintenance (STOM) is appointed to Manage the Testing and Commissioning of the entire Central Utilities Complex (CUC) to achieve a standard and snag free completion of the project. STOM shall oversee and issue 3rd party witnessing certificates related to different stages of the commissioning if the tests are satisfactory or shall recommend procedures and retest until satisfactory or shall recommend procedures and retest until satisfactory result are achieved.