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King Abdullah Financial District

King Abdullah Financial District

The King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) is a development near King Fahad Road in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Being undertaken by the Al Raidah Investment Corporation on behalf of the Public Pension Agency of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, consisting of 59 towers in an area of 1.6 million square meters.


It will provide more than 3 million square meters of space for various uses, 62,000 parking spaces and accommodation for 12,000 residents. In 2011 it was the largest project in the world seeking for the green building accreditation.

Al Raidah Investment Company (RIC) has awarded the Design Building and Operation contract for King Abdullah Financial District "KAFD" cooling services, to a consortium led by Saudi Tabreed. The contract is to build a 100,000 TR capacity District Cooling Plant and Operate & Maintain for 10 Years.

The total capacity of District Cooling is divided into Two (2) Plants with 50,000 TR capacity each (40,000 TR chillers & 10,000 TR Thermal Energy Storage Tank).

The District Cooling Plants is connected to 25 km of Chilled Water Piping network that is strategically designed to provide highly efficient cooling to the entire KAFD. Saudi Tabreed Operation and Maintenance (STOM) started the operation of the District Cooling Plant in September 2013.

Plant Operation
Remote Manual
Commissioning year
DCP1 – 2013 DCP2 – 2015
Total Capacity
100,000 TR
Cooling Tower Type
Induced Draft Counter flow Hamon
Operate & Maintain
10 Years

Other Projects

STOM has been working in close collaboration with government entities to streamline the cooling demand requirements facilitated by the development of mega-projects.