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Qurayyah Independent Power Plant (QIPP)

Qurayyah Independent Power Plant (QIPP)

Qurrayah Independent Power Plant located in Qurrayah, on the eastern cost of Saudi Arabia. The Qurrayah Independent Power Plant (QIPP) is the largest independent power generation project in the world, design to deliver approximately 3,927 megawatts (MW) of electricity.


With a desert climate and rapidly increasing power demands, Saudi Electric Company sought to boost power production with a new combined-cycle gas-fired Power Plant equipped with Turbine Inlet Cooling (TIC) and Thermal Energy Storage (TES).

The Qurrayah IPP is designed with the highest thermal performance possible, more than 50 percent efficiency, which is 14 percent more efficient than any other traditional steam power plant in Saudi Arabia.

Turbine Inlet Cooling (TIC) is a commercially proven way to improve power producers’ profitability by increasing a gas turbine’s power output by up to 30 percent during periods of high dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures. By mechanically cooling the inlet air before it enters the turbine compressor. TIC gives the turbine a boost when it needs it most in hot and humid weather.

In addition to increasing power output, TIC improves the turbine’s heat rate, increasing efficiency and lowering emissions.

Saudi Tabreed Operation and Maintenance (STOM) took over the operation and maintenance of the Chiller Plant in October 2016 to ensure the reliability and high efficiency of the Chiller Plant. The total capacity of QIPP TIC is 164,000 TR with 92,000 TR taken from Mechanical Centrifugal Chillers and Two 36,000 TR Thermal Energy Storage Tank Peak capacities.

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STOM has been working in close collaboration with government entities to streamline the cooling demand requirements facilitated by the development of mega-projects.